Inside “Blood, Pills, and Bullets,” a New Exhibit at Historic Huguenot Street

Blood, Pills, and Bullets
Exhibition by the Curatorial Department

Hello, it’s Jessica, here to tell you about our latest collections project! These past couple of weeks, the curatorial interns have been researching and putting together a display for the DuBois Fort all about 19th century medical practices. We learned about some truly gnarly practices, and some medical tools that resemble works of art more than doctor’s tools. An example of this is the scarificator, a beautiful brass container with etched decorations, as well as a number of spring-loaded sharp blades used for bloodletting.

Alongside some similarly frightening tools such as bullet extractors and bloodletting fleams, we also have a large collection of medicines which would have been prescribed by physicians at the time. If you are curious about how 19th century doctors treated aches, pains, and any number of illnesses, this display is definitely something to visit. Additionally, we have displayed the step-by-step process of pill-making, when doctors had to order their own raw materials and grind and press pills by hand.

This exhibit will be on view beginning Saturday, April 11 in the DuBois Fort.



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