About Our Work

The mission of Historic Huguenot Street (HHS) is to collect, preserve, and share with the public an inspiring story of an American community. The Historic Huguenot Street curatorial department works every day to conserve an important collection of artifacts and manuscripts, and to promote the stories of the Huguenot Street families from the sixteenth century to today.

This digital collective has the goal of being as interactive and educational as possible. One object alone tells a story and can connect us to the past. The importance of “Object of the Week” is to highlight different pieces of history that are still relevant to us in present time.


In 1894, descendants of the twelve original New Paltz Patentees established the Huguenot Patriotic, Historical and Monument Society. Five years later, they purchased the Jean Hasbrouck House for their ancestral relics and displays of colonial life. Artifacts and papers were collected over the years, but it was not until the 1950s that the Society began a sizable expansion.

Kenneth Hasbrouck, the director at the time, traveled around the country, meeting with family descendants, encouraging them to support his vision of a street of stone house preserved in their original village setting, to create their own affiliated family associations and establish HHS as a major genealogical and historical repository. He also worked with these family associations to assist in the purchase of and continued maintenance of their ancestral homes.


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